We're on a mission to bring work to life.

At SocialChorus our business is about connecting.

We’re driven by the belief that when great people have an immediate and meaningful connection to their work, a kind of magical transformation happens. They become inspired. They care more. Better things happen faster. And their companies become insanely competitive.

Achieving this meaningful connection is challenging but has never been more important.

Our goal is to connect individuals with the daily, need-to-know content that inspires them to create the best work of their lives.

What We Believe:

Everything is Content

Who we are, what we’re up to, where we’re falling short and where we’re winning: it’s the content we need to know to be productive. And delivering it into the hands of the people who can make use of it is what we’re all about.

Truth Inspired Confidence

Nothing drives accountability more effectively than the simple truth. It’s how we work with our customers and it’s how we communicate internally. By collaborating, telling honest, sometimes challenging truths. It just works better.

This is the Golden Age of Work

There has never been a better time to go to work. Cubicle walls are dropping, exposing us to new ideas in new ways. Timezones and locations are not limiting factors. We find value in output instead of hours. And this is just the beginning.

Embrace Mistakes

We believe that mistakes are strategic insights. We celebrate trying shit. We embrace a culture of experimentation, testing learning and making the better mistakes that will lead to the unforeseeable breakthroughs.

Make with Pride

If we’re going to work on it, let’s own it. And then let’s give credit where credit is due. Let’s celebrate individual achievements, big and small. We’re creating the platform that empowers our peers to do their best work.

Great Software is Never Finished

The world of work is evolving every day. It’s forcing us to stay creative, to adapt and improve our work constantly. We don’t know the future, but we’re excited to be building a cornerstone of how we’ll stay connected to our work as we get there.

Companies Are Awesome

We find companies fascinating. Big or small, whatever the mission, the business of companies gets us up in the morning. We’re excited to build software with the flexibility to help any company gain the competitive edge achieved when its people are better connected to their work.

We Are Better Connected

The better connected we are, to our work and to each other, the more we’ll accomplish. It’s our guiding principle. We create the platform that combines best-of-breed software with any company’s “what matters” content to produce an inspiring, daily-read that motivates individuals to create the best work of their lives.

Watch the video to see how we do it.

Our Team

Like every great company, SocialChorus is full of amazing people.

Andrew Ferrin

Market Development Manager

Alex Sirkin

Director Enterprise Sales

Deepti Anand


Gregory Shove

Founder and CEO

Eric Liu

Market Development Representative

Louise Miller

Director, Strategy & Solutions

Alan Ridlehoover

Senior Engineer

Charles Bryan


Lauren Solomon

Customer Success Manager

Nicole Alvino


Ian Cooper

Lead Engineer

Tim van Nispen

VP Customer Success

Shamik Aga

Senior Engineer

Jessica Brook

Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Carlos Teran

Senior Director, Product

Kerry Moller

Solutions Engineer

Olivia Sylvester

Product Manager

Tim Christensen

VP Engineering

Gillian Clowes

Product Manager

Marc Balderama

UI Designer

Rebecca Whyte

Director, Enterprise Sales

Steven Phang

Staff Accountant

Chase Thompson

Market Development Representative

Sonia Fiorenza

VP Content & Engagement Strategies

Anne Warner

Senior Customer Success Manager

Tejas Jukar

Senior Engineer

Perrin White

Senior Customer Success Manager

Claire Nolan

Customer Success Manager

Jean-Michel Decombe

Senior Software Engineer

Brandon Crawford

Director, Market Development

Josh Weber

Senior Customer Success Manager

Leah Tsang

Director, Product Marketing

Dan St. Louis

Market Development

Charlie McElfresh

Software Engineer

Lauren McTaggart

Account Manager

Davidson Talag

Quality Assurance

Ken Kamada

VP Finance & Operations

Maria Diaz

Customer Success

Chris Brandow

Mobile Engineering

Elli Rigolfi

Associate Account Manager

Mike Brown

Lead QA Engineer

Bobby Isaacson

Senior Director, Brand Partnerships

Hannah Briggs

Senior Engineer

Taylor Engel

Market Development

Tyler Harris

Market Development

Bryan Nguyen

Director, UX

Brandon White

Market Developement

Rameshwer Karingala

Salesforce Administrator

Katie Mallon

Sales Development Representative

Katelyn Turtletaub

Sales Development Representative

Brad Dickinson

Sr Account Executive

Robin Sharma

Sr. Accountant

A Note From Our Founder Read

In 2012, we built the first version of our software for companies looking to better manage their social advocacy programs. A handful of Fortune 500 companies signed on. Life was good.

We got tons of product feedback and feature requests – but stayed 100% focused on the employee experience – we wanted it to feel like a consumer app. Now over 100 companies have launched their internal employee engagement and advocacy programs on our software.

Our hard-earned but sudden success was built on the realization that getting employees to share company content starts with providing them with a regular connection to the company-related news and content they care about. And that’s what our next generation platform for employee advocacy—the employee newsreader for work—is all about.

We set out to create a work-centered newsreader that delivers a user experience as robust and engaging as Buzzfeed or Flipboard—and I’m proud to say we’ve delivered.

By providing a fun and easy way to get a daily fix about what’s happening at work, our app helps every employee in your organization answer an important question: “What do I need to know today?”

It’s visual. It’s relevant. It’s social. It’s mobile. And best of all, it truly connects your people to their lives at work.

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SocialChorus connects the largest brands and the hottest startups around the world.

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