If content is your job…

by on May 12, 2011

…you’re not the only one.  And while ‘Content’ may not be specifically spelled out in your title, content is now a part of everyone’s job, especially in this industry.  I think this is a good thing and marks a very exciting time where every individual can act as a publisher every day, in 140 characters or less (or much more).  Nevertheless, the opportunity to publish comes with a lot of creativity and excitement, but also a lot of responsibility.

To help understand this responsibility and expectations, I’ll share with you a hypothetical job description for a Chief Content Officer position by Joe Pulizzi at Junta42, which then led me to iMedia’s article, “Whose job is content?”  The proven worth of quality content in the digital space makes this question fairly easy to answer.  Whose job is content? Yours. Everyone’s.

A key requirement for a content creator, whether that’s your official job or not, is, in my opinion, this: be responsible for (and measured on) the “continual improvement of customer nurturing and retention through storytelling” that results in customer satisfaction and employee advocacy.

We’re all just trying to tell our story, whether that’s in an email, a Facebook post, a blog, branded content – but instead of vying for a 6 year old’s attention at bedtime, we’re competing for the attention of millions of distracted adults on the Internet.  So, your story better be authentic and meaningful. Print out the job description and figure out how it relates to your position.

In your organization (or personal opinion), whose job is content?