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“At AT&T, we discovered that employee advocacy isn’t just about social media — it’s an entirely new approach to employee engagement and communications. Employee advocacy isn’t just about brands “talking at” their employees, it’s a way to facilitate them talking to each other and customers.”

  • Nolan Carleton, Lead Consultant, Program Execution at AT&T

“At Reebok, employee advocacy has helped us channel our employees’ enthusiasm and passion by empowering them to tell our brand’s story on social media.”

  • Ben Blakesley, Global Social Media Manager at Reebok

“CDW employees benefit from the employee advocacy program because they can become a thought leader in the space. It comes down to building their brands.”

  • Jessica Longly, Social Media Program Manager at CDW

“As I started to look more into employee advocacy programs, I thought why wouldn’t we start activating the best advocates that we have and those are the employees that we have right here at Purina. The great thing about using the SocialChorus is that we are constantly able to look at our analytics and to see what content is resonating with employees.”

  • Laura Lee, Corporate Communications at Purina

“We are 100 years old with more than 103,000 employees working all over the world. Our employee advocate program keeps them informed and feeling more connected to what’s going on.”

  • Zari Venhaus, Senior Manager of Global Brand and Integrated Communications at Eaton

“We selected SocialChorus because our employee advocacy program plays a huge role in making sure that our content reaches millions of people worldwide.”

  • Sarah Manning, Senior Specialist of Social Media Marketing at ServiceNow

“Providing our sales agents with approved content and the ability to share on the go makes naturally checking the app a recurring behavior. As employees use the app more often, the content creates genuine engagement that helps sales and the entire company grow our business.”

  • Lemar Ingram, Manager Of Emerging Technologies at Carnival Cruise Line

“At U.S. Cellular, our associates are integral to creating an environment where our customers have the best wireless experience. By providing our associates both easy access to key information and the ability to personalize their experiences, we believe over time checking the app will become standard practice. As associates use the app more often, the content will resonate and content sharing becomes authentic as engagement increases.”

  • Michael Herron, Social Media Manager at U.S. Cellular

“Our employees were eager to share content about the work we’re doing, but understandably anxious about following the rules in a highly regulated industry. The SocialChorus app serves up key information and lets employees personalize and post it to their favorite social channels, all in a legally compliant way. Our employees have embraced the opportunity and are genuinely engaged in sharing content that’s suggested, but also authentic.”

  • Amanda Changuris, Senior Social Media Marketing Analyst at Highmark Health

“SocialChorus ensures Haier America can power thousands of advocates to create & share authentic advocate content with their networks. It’s great to know we have a partner innovating in social media and driving our social engagements exponentially!”

  • James Liess, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Haier

“In the past, our team members weren’t sure if it was okay to share company information on social media, so they tended not to. But in the past year, our culture began to change a bit and we started to embrace becoming more transparent. #TargetScoop helped drive that change. This program is about empowering our team members – and making it very easy for them – to share content they find meaningful.”

  • Michael Tindal, Vice President of Marketing at Prophix

“We wanted to create a portal that was safe for employees as far as being comfortable with what they were sharing, and know that that information was content that is relevant, it was content that was timely to be shared, but also to have an environment at work where you could safely share information.”

  • DeShelia Spann, Digital Marketing Strategist - Eaton

“We believe in the Employee-First approach. By providing our employees both easy access to key information and the ability to personalize their experiences, naturally checking the app becomes a recurring behavior. As employees use the app more often, the content relevancy gets better. Employees are genuinely more engaged and sharing content becomes more incredibly authentic.”

  • Sharon LaSure-Roy, Senior Consultant, Social Media at Florida Blue
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