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SocialChorus Advocate Marketing Solution

Advocate Marketing Powers:

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  • Content Marketing
  • Social Selling

The Leading Advocate Marketing Solution

Learn how SocialChorus social strategists use our platform to get your Advocate Marketing program up and running quickly.

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The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocate Marketing

A Seven Step Guide to Ensure Success

Advocates Never Stop Working for Your Brand

Advocates Drive Purchase


77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when it’s recommended by an advocate*

*Nielsen, 2013

Advocates Drive Social Engagement


90% of social engagement is created by 3% of brand fans**

**SocialChorus Results

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Power All Your Advocates


Employee Advocate Marketing

Helena Ortiz

Likes your brand
850 Pinterest followers


Blogger Advocate Marketing

Sarah Potter
51K monthly visitors


Customer Advocate Marketing

Ken Maeda

Works for your brand
1K Twitter followers


Millennials as Brand Advocates

How to Engage the Most Important Consumer Generation

Why Brands Choose SocialChorus Advocate Marketing




SocialChorus Powers Advocate Marketing for Brands People Love

Lee Diaz SocialChorus Advocate Marketing Testimonial

"SocialChorus allows us to share new content with our employee advocates immediately, empower them to decide when and where to share it, and track everything. SocialChorus measures the program success for me, which is fantastic."

Lee Diaz
Senior Manager of Emerging Communications, AT&T

Natanya Anderson SocialChorus Advocate Marketing Testimonial

"Like most social teams, our team is scrappy and small and it’s important to us that we have partners who are in the project with us for success. We believe that SocialChorus is a strong partner for us."

Natanya Anderson
Director Social Media and Digital Marketing, Whole Foods Market

Sandra Lopez SocialChorus Advocate Marketing Testimonial

"Never before have you been able to have that one to one relationship with advocates like you can have now with new media and working with partners like SocialChorus."

Sandra Lopez
New Business Strategy at Intel

Bonin Bough SocialChorus Advocate Marketing Testimonial

"The SocialChorus technology is some of the most impressive technology in the marketplace and it addresses one of the biggest challenges marketers face right now."

Bonin Bough
VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International


How Kia Drives Social Stories to Millions of Consumers