How Carnival Cruise Line Trains Employees to Set Sail on Social

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How Carnival Cruise Line Trains Employees to Set Sail on Social

How Carnival trains employee advocates on social mediaTime to face the facts, your employees are already talking about your brand online – 50% of employees are already sharing about their company on social media – most without training. Carnival Cruise Line launched an employee advocacy program to empower employees to effectively and safely share their company’s message and drive real business impact.

Watch the recording to hear Lemar Ingram, Manager of Emerging Technologies at Carnival, share how his team increased employees’ social media acumen and empowered employees to establish themselves as experts — all while driving measurable business results.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • Practical training best practices from Carnival’s employee advocacy program
  • How employees share content in their own voice to reinforce social media connections
  • How to align employee engagement with business goals

Four Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy & Engagement Program in 30 Days

how-to-launch-an-employee-advoacy-and-engagement-prog-in-30-daysYour digital age workforce needs a digital employee engagement solution. Your organization needs a bulletproof plan for widening reach, while keeping your staff engaged with your organization and its ongoing growth.

Developing an employee engagement and advocacy program can be done in four simple steps, which will have an equally simple return for your company: serious impact.

By empowering your employees with relevant news and content everyday, you keep them informed, engaged, and productive, while unlocking advocacy to generate leads and spread awareness, and strengthen the culture at your organization.

Download this ebook to learn how Target, Reebok, AT&T and CSpire built employee engagement and advocacy programs in four simple steps, going from start to launch in just 30 days.

What’s inside:

  • How to craft an employee focused content strategy to drive engagement
  • How to promote the program internally to maximize adoption rates
  • How to empower employees to effectively represent your brand on social media

Forrester Research Report: Employee Advocacy Landscape

In Forrester‘s newest report on the employee advocacy landscape, they share that 45% of marketers using employee advocacy aren’t satisfied with the business value. Some people may be shocked by this stat – but we aren’t.

SocialChorus believes that employee advocacy is about much more than employees sharing brand content on social. That’s why we built the only daily news app for work that focuses on employee engagement. Employee engagement is the key to creating a highly productive workforce – one that will also advocate for your brand.

Access the Forrester report to:

  • Learn why you shouldn’t choose a solution that is part of a larger social suite
  • View product details on all 40 vendors in one place
  • Create a short list of vendors that best fit your needs

How Carnival Cruise Line Trains Employees to Set Sail on Social Presentation

In this presentation, Lemar Ingram, Manager of Emerging Technologies at Carnival, shares how his team trains employees on social media and empowers employees to establish themselves as industry thought leaders.

Meet the only daily news app for work

The SocialChorus app connects employees to the latest news and company content to increase productivity, engagement and advocacy. See how.

7 Lessons from the Big Dog in Employee Engagement & Advocacy: Nestle Purina’s Learnings from Year One

Nestle Purina was at the forefront of the employee advocacy wave when they launched the Purina Pack in Spring 2014, and they quickly saw additional value in engaging their employees. Since then, Purina has discovered many ways to increase both employee engagement and advocacy.

Watch this webinar to hear Laura Lee, Corporate Communications Manager at Nestle Purina, share seven lessons for launching and scaling a best-of-breed employee engagement and advocacy program. Whether you’re thinking about launching or exponentially growing an existing initiative, you’ll leave this webinar with practical advice to take your program to the next level.

Watch the recording to learn all seven lessons including:

  • Launch an employee advocacy program
  • Quickly and easily achieve employee advocacy ROI
  • Create a more “human” brand voice
  • Engage your sales team to share on social

View the presentation slides

2015 State of Employee Advocacy Report

2015-state-of-employee-advocacy-ebook-sqEmployee advocacy gives enterprise brands a way to engage employees to share their story on social media. But employee advocacy is still a new category. How do top brands successfully engage their employees to share?

To find out more, SocialChorus surveyed 250 employee advocacy buyers. In the 2015 State of Employee Advocacy Buyer’s Report, you’ll learn how to increase consumer and employee engagement with brand content.

What’s inside:

  • Why only 7% of respondents rate their brand’s efforts to engage employees with brand content as effective
  • How the majority of respondents believe that less than 5% of employees share brand content on social media
  • What business goals top brands aim to achieve with employee advocacy
  • What current methods brands rely on to engage employees to advocate

The New Rules of Employee Advocacy


2015-enterprise-emp-engagement-ebook-thumbnailIn today’s workplace, the rules of employee engagement and advocacy have drastically changed.

As a new demographic of digital natives enters the workplace, businesses need to shift to meet the needs and expectations of this always-on, mobile-first generation. With the new expectations and the shortage of talent, how can employers continuously engage employees, enable them to be more successful and empower them to tell the brand’s story? To further explore employee engagement and advocacy in the modern enterprise, SocialChorus partnered with Dimensional Research to survey 1,000 employees of enterprise organizations.

In the 2015 Enterprise Employee Engagement Report, you’ll find research and data on how the workforce has evolved, and actionable insights that you can immediately apply to your employee engagement and advocacy strategy today.


What’s inside:

  • How 94% of employees want to hear more about what is going on from leadership
  • Why 86% of employees would feel more engaged if they were more informed about company news and information
  • Why 68% of executives believe they do a “good” job of communicating — but only 21% of employees agree

7 Lessons from the Big Dog in Employee Engagement & Advocacy: Nestle Purina’s Learnings from Year One Presentation

In this presentation, Laura Lee, Corporate Communications Manager at Nestle Purina, shares her seven lessons for launching and scaling a a successful employee engagement & advocacy program.

Customer Testimonial: Sarah Manning, Senior Specialist, Social Media Marketing at ServiceNow

ServiceNow connects their global workforce to their brand and empowers them to share their brand pride on social media with their employee advocacy program. Learn how Sarah Manning, Senior Specialist of Social Media Marketing at ServiceNow, leads employee advocates to amplify the company’s message.