Take a Trip with Employee Advocacy: How TripIt Relies on Employees to Promote their Awesome Culture

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Take a Trip with Employee Advocacy: How TripIt Relies on Employees to Promote their Awesome Culture

TripIt Employee AdvocacyTripIt has always had a great culture, and wanted to find a way to empower employees to tell that story.

The Social Media & Content Marketing team set out to find an easy way to amplify their awesome team and culture, generating more organic Word of Mouth Marketing and brand awareness. They also wanted to find an accessible way to distribute important team updates and news across the entire organization.  That’s when they launched TripIt BAM (Brand Advocate Masterminds), powered by SocialChorus, to keep the TripIt team connected to one another as well as provide updates from their parent companies Concur and SAP. Through BAM, they could create a more integrated workforce by keeping everyone on the same page.

In this webinar, Jess Skelton, Manager of Social Media & Content Marketing at TripIt from Concur, shares how to:

  • Empower employees to tell their story through social media
  • Showcase Concur as a great employer to help attract top talent to the TripIt team
  • Align brand messaging by distributing relevant updates and news from TripIt, Concur and SAP

Webinar Recording: How Nestlé Waters Launched an Employee Engagement Program to a Non-Wired Workforce

Engaging all employees across organizations is a challenge all communications teams face. Today’s modern workforce is more widely distributed than ever before. According to a recent study, 59% of HR and Communications teams consider communicating with a widely distributed workforce a primary challenge. At Nestlé Waters, over half of their employees are non-wired and do not have access to company email or intranet. The internal communications team needed a way to get information out to the entire workforce.

Watch the replay of How Nestlé Waters Launched an Employee Engagement Program to a Non-wired Workforce to learn how Nestlé Waters introduced their employee engagement platform to their widely distributed workforce. In this webinar, you will hear from Brad Wentz, Internal Communications Manager at Nestlé Waters, on how he connected all employees with the essential company news and information they needed to thrive.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Launching an Employee Engagement Platform to a Distributed Workforce
  • Communication Challenges for Nestlé Waters
  • Determining Content to Post and Program Best Practices
  • Tips and Advice for New Adopters

Webinar Recording: Enhancing Employee Engagement: How Forcepoint Launched a Mobile Communications Platform to a Global Workforce

Organizations are constantly undergoing changes that impact the whole company. Events such as acquisitions, re-brands and new management are just a few examples of changes that can happen at any time. Communications teams are tasked with preparing for the unexpected and ensuring that when a major change does occur, employees are connected to company strategy and positioning. When Forcepoint underwent a brand transformation, getting the right information in front of employees was critical to the success of the relaunch.

Watch the webinar recording of Enhancing Engagement: How Forcepoint Launched a Mobile Communications Platform to a Global Workforce. In this webinar, you will learn from Virginia Satrom, Social Media Manager, on how Forcepoint used a mobile communication solution to launch a new brand to their global workforce and ensure that every employee had access to the information they needed. In addition to the re-brand, Forcepoint keeps employees connected and up to date with relevant industry news and company information.

Register for this webinar to learn more about:

  • Communication Challenges for a Distributed Workforce
  • Introducing Forcepoint Go to a Global Organization
  • Improving Company Communication and Employee Engagement
  • Best Practices for Publishing and Most Popular Content
  • Advice for Future Adopters

Webinar Recording: Closing the Gap: A Look At Technology in Corporate Communications

The shift to digital content has changed the way we communicate. New communication tools are giving people a myriad of ways to get the right information in front of the right readers. However, internal communicators are still using methods such as email or newsletters to distribute vital information to large workforces. We believe that employee communications could greatly benefit from the same kind of tools we use in our everyday life – and we teamed up with Dimensional Research to prove just that.

Watch the replay of Closing the Gap: A Look at Technology in Corporate Communications in which we will take a deep dive into the findings from the survey of more than 300 Communications and HR professionals. In this webinar, you will hear from Diane Hagglund, respected researcher whose work has been widely cited in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, on her expert opinion of what these findings mean for Communication Professionals. Joining her is Sonia Fiorenza, VP of Content & Engagement Strategies at SocialChorus, to share insight on how Comms and HR can use this data to improve their own internal communication strategies.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The shift in the way we communicate in our daily lives
  • The challenges of internal communication tools
  • Engaging a remote workforce
  • Using metrics for effective communication
  • The promise of mobile solutions

Webinar Recording: Empowering Employees through Active Engagement with Corgan

What does it mean to be engaged at work? For management, it means that employees are committed to the values and goals of the organization and are eager to contribute to the success of the company. But for employees it can be difficult to stay informed and connected to the company they work for – especially with today’s widely distributed workforce.  HR and Communication teams are faced with the challenge of giving employees the right tools to communicate but also motivating employees to be advocated of their brand.

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn how Ann Franks, Vice President and Marketing Director, and Hannah Wenzel, Marketing and PR Coordinator, of Corgan empowered employees to make an impact at work through their app Corgan Connect – powered by SocialChorus. Through Corgan Connect, employees are provided with a easy way to share content and stay informed throughout the organization. Employees are connected to the culture of the company and informed about various projects and initiatives. Other topics include:

  • Communication Challenges within Corgan
  • Introducing Corgan Connect and How to Educate Employees on Use
  • Best Practices for Posting Content and What Types of Content are most Effective
  • Engaging Employees through Corgan Connect and How Mobile Communication Impacted the Organization

Transforming Internal Communications: How to Engage 100,000 Employees Worldwide

internal communications WhirlpoolWith over 100,000 employees worldwide, it’s no wonder Whirlpool Corporation was having a hard time keeping employees all over the world connected and engaged to their brand.

Facing this challenge, the Corporate Communications team at Whirlpool searched for a way to bring together the great content their global business units were producing so employees can be better connected with the brand. That’s when they launched Whirlpool Corporation 360, powered by SocialChorus, to easily distribute company content for employees to consume and share. Through Whirlpool Corporation 360 they developed a global communications platform to help engage employees and tell the story of Whirlpool Corporation, ultimately transforming their internal communication strategy.

In this webinar recording, Kathleen Wolf: Sr Manager, Corp Reputation & Interactive Media at Whirlpool Corporation, shares how to:

  • Engage various global business units with relevant content and news
  • Modernize the distribution of company content hosted in the intranet to be shared through a consumer friendly mobile device
  • Empower employees to tell the Whirlpool Corporation story through social media training
  • How an engaged workforce fits into the larger Whirlpool Corporation strategy

The Strategic Internal Communications Leader

The strategic internal communications leader is in a battle for employee’s attention. What tools will help you win?

How to Buy SaaS Software: Four Easy Steps Every Communications Leader Needs to Know

how-to-buy-saas-softwareIt can be challenging to introduce new technology at a large company, especially when it’s new SaaS (Software as a Service) software. Fortunately, the SaaS software buying process doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With the right guidance, the buying process can be a pain-free and easy experience that moves quickly.

SocialChorus is your partner throughout the buying process and handles every step along the way. We’ve helped over 300 companies buy our app and will run our playbook for your company too.

Download this ebook to learn how we partner with you throughout the four step buying process.

What’s Inside:

  • The playbook for engaging designated stakeholders
  • When to engage the IT and Legal departments
  • How to ensure a turnkey solution procurement and distribution experience

How to Ensure Your Employee Advocacy Program is FTC Compliant

ensure-that-your-employee-advocacy-program-is-ftc-compliantWhether or not your company has an official employee advocacy program, the FTC guidelines around employee endorsements apply to your company and your employees at all times. The FTC makes it clear that employees need to disclose their connection to your company. Your company is also responsible for advising employees of this requirement and must take steps to monitor their compliance.

Having trouble cutting through the legal jargon? Download this ebook to understand how the updated FTC guidelines affect your organization. You’ll also learn practical tips for compliance and how the SocialChorus app can help.

What’s inside:

  • Why companies need clear and conspicuous disclosures
  • Practical tips for complying with FTC guidelines
  • How the SocialChorus app makes compliance easy

WhatAppTV Reviews the SocialChorus Employee Engagement App

WhatApp TV’s panel of communications technology experts review the latest and most relevant productivity apps for to help inform the modern enterprise buyer.

In this episode, WhatApp TV takes a closer look at the SocialChorus employee engagement app and examines how it cuts through the noise and keeps a globally distributed workforce informed and connected with their company.

Watch the recording to learn how the SocialChorus app can help:

  • Deliver important and relevant company and industry content to your employees
  • Better connect and inform a distributed workforce
  • Track and measure employee engagement and shares