5 Keys for Creating a Modern Employee Experience: What You Can Get Started On Now

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Companies continue to change and our role as communicators is to facilitate transformation. Preston Lewis, Founder & CEO of Intactic, joined our VP of Communications & Engagement Strategies at SocialChorus, Sonia Fiorenza, to discuss the importance of modern communications. Gallup found that the most successful companies have the highest employee engagement. In a recent webinar, 5 Keys to Creating a Modern Employee Experience, we learned that better employee communications lead to a better employee experiences which ultimately powers employee engagement. Here are a few quotes from Lewis on each of the five keys to creating a modern employee experience.


Experience: Nurture engagement with a better employee experience

“We need to be much more intentional. Let’s make sure that we’re not just sending out an email when we’re ready to send it out. We’re sending it out at the time that we know a majority of our audience is going to be on email.”

What you can do now:

Match all touch points and opportunities with what employees really need.


Data: Know what you know

“The better information that we have, will field better communication. Communication meaning we’re going to use the right channels at the right time with the right level of content to address the right concerns.”

What you can do now:

Audit relevant employee data types to improve your internal communications strategy.


Personalization: Create a consumer-like experience at work

“Wouldn’t it be great to create more of a consumer-like experience? So people know what system to use, we know what they like to use very importantly, and we can do better design. We can write personalized content. We can write content in ways that makes sense for certain channels. That’s the ideal space.”  

What you can do now:

Create a consumer-like employee communications experience that engages employees and makes communication intuitive and relevant.


Emotion: Connect everything to purpose

“As professional communicators, we understand that it’s much more than just providing or presenting information. We need to develop a much more emotional connection with our people, our audiences.”

What you can do now:

Understand and address audience concerns so that messages are solving problems.


Mobile: Plan for the app store vs. the app

“When we think about building out communication strategies, mobile is a very, very important channel… the bottom line is if you have systems in place to communicate more effectively and empower people to work better and perform better and to be happier because they have systems that work and have tools that work, they’re gonna stick around longer.”

What you can do now:

Align with the digital internal (mobile) roadmap to reach employees where they already are.


To hear the full webinar, watch the on-demand recording to learn what it takes to engage your employees through a modern employee experience. Presentation slides are below. 


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