We Can Be Better Connected

We’re driven by the belief that when people have an immediate and meaningful connection to their work, a kind of magical transformation happens. People are inspired. They care more. Better things happen faster. They are more productive. And happier. And their companies become more competitive.

Our Mission

As the concept of work evolves, achieving a meaningful connection to work becomes more challenging. Yet ever more important.

Our mission is to provide the entire workforce with the daily, need-to-know connection to their work so that they’re able to create tomorrow’s most competitive companies.

Our Story

SocialChorus was founded by Greg Shove and Nicole Alvino to help companies connect with their internal brand ambassadors—the 10% of employees that are company advocates.

But after the first 50 enterprise customers signed on, these customers started to ask for more—they wanted a way to connect to every worker with the information that matters. And now over 3 million employees across global enterprises have access to a new workforce communications experience, that removes the hassle, friction, and disappointment of communications via email or intranets.

Our Product

Traditional communications software does not serve or even reach every worker. Most of the recent innovation in communications software has been to help small teams of knowledge workers collaborate better.

We have built a communications app for every worker, especially the 80% of the global workforce that do not sit at a desk.

And we give communications, HR, and line of business leaders one place from which to plan, create, publish, and measure internal communications and get relevant information to every worker, no matter how hard they are to reach. We take the busy-work out of internal communications so that leaders can focus on results—alignment, productivity, and engagement.

Our Beliefs


The better connected we are, to our work and to each other, the more we’ll accomplish. It’s our guiding principle. We create the platform that combines best-of-breed software with any company’s “what matters” content to produce an inspiring, daily-read that motivates individuals to do their best work.


We find companies fascinating. Big or small, whatever the mission, the business of companies gets us up in the morning. We’re excited to build software with the flexibility to help any company gain the competitive edge that’s achieved when its people are better connected to their work.


We believe that every worker at your company—wired or non-wired, part-time or contract, remote or at headquarters—deserves to know what’s happening in their life at work. We have made our solution easy to deploy, affordable at scale, and immediately useful to every worker. We think it’s time for every worker to be connected, regardless of their status.

Our Future

The world of work is evolving every day. And we think that’s incredibly exciting. It forces us to stay creative, to adapt and improve quickly—especially with the input and help of our customers.

We don’t know the future. But we’re excited to be building a cornerstone of how we’ll all stay connected to our work as we get there.

We do know that great software is never finished, so our plan is to keep working at it!

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Our Principles



We offer knowledge, education, and community. More than a product, we’re modernizing communications for everyone.



We help you focus on the things that matter so that your work creates more impact for your business.



We help you reach every employee so you can drive alignment and meet business goals.


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We believe every worker matters, and it’s up to you to make them feel that way.

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