Shel Holtz & Friends Podcast Series Episode 2: Employees Are Not Viewing Your Content. What’s Next?

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Shel Holtz recently spoke with the SocialChorus team on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply at your organization. 

Our work email inbox is often flooded with unread emails or time-consuming updates. Rarely do we find an email that speaks to something we are interested in or would open outside of work. In a recent episode of Shel Holtz’s For Immediate Release podcast, Shel talked with our own Kristen Ribero, Director of Product Marketing at SocialChorus, regarding how personalized content and channels impact internal communications.

Shel Holtz:

Another reason that people might take their company communications to SocialChorus is because the company can tailor content to an employee’s interests so they can subscribe to the kinds of content they’re interested in, and not have to see the stuff that they’re not.



Kristen Ribero:

We all see that in our personal lives, right? My Instagram feed is very much customized to me, Kristen, and what I’m interested in. I think that’s absolutely the right direction – as communicators and businesses are realizing that fact but then providing the tools and technology to be able to personalize, they’re finally getting employee attention. They’re getting that usage that we’re seeing trending in line with consumer apps and on the weekends because they have the ability to target and personalize based on the employee’s role or location or whatever attributes you can think of to give them a very relevant experience.


Shel Holtz:

When it comes to making sure that your employees are up to speed on the kinds of information you want them to be, whether it’s internal communications that have been produced by the company, or content that the company has shared through curation, SocialChorus is just the most awesome way to go about that.

What content gets the best engagement analytics?

Kristen Ribero:

We’re seeing better usage rates among our customers that have more internal content – the content around what’s happening in a certain branch, when to sign up for benefits, or a new management team member. Even down to the nitty gritty like what the lunch menu in a particular office or plant is. Additionally employee stories are more engaged with – what’s inherent to a company, it’s value and it’s story that’s not necessarily meant to be shared.  We’re seeing programs with all that content having really successful usage and retention rates.

Shel Holtz:

I happen to use the employee version of the product, and I have to confess that I do check it the same time I’m looking at Flipboard and a couple of the other tools I use. Feedly is another one that I look at pretty frequently, and if you want your employees looking at your company content as often as their looking at the stuff based on their personal and other interests. You should take a look at SocialChorus.

Stayed tuned for the next chapter of this blog series in which our Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, Nicole Alvino, talks more about the importance of an employee communications platform in the enterprise.

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