Shel Holtz & Friends Episode 4: How to Boost Adoption of a New Employee Communications Platform

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Shel Holtz recently spoke with leading employee communications professionals on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply at your organization.

Getting your employees onto a streamlined workforce communications platform like SocialChorus can save a lot of time and grief. But facilitating the initial switch can sometimes be a hurdle on its own. In a recent episode of Shel Holtz’s For Immediate Release podcast, Shel talked with Jenn Holzinger, who leads Global Employee & HR Communications at The Dow Chemical Company, about how she was able to get her global workforce to adopt SocialChorus with one clever trick.



Shel Holtz:

I’m continuing the interview that I conducted with Jenn Holzinger, who runs global employee communications for Dow Chemical. We’re talking about how she implemented SocialChorus, the workforce communications platform, across the worldwide population at Dow. She shared one technique that has been particularly effective for adoption.



Jenn Holzinger:

One of the things we did a few months after we launched Dow Connect, powered by SocialChorus, is share the results of our annual performance award – our bonus program – for all employees via the app. When we were ready to communicate the results of that program, we put it exclusively on Dow Connect, but we had to share with employees through email to go to Dow Connect. They had to sign up in order to get that information. On the Friday before that announcement, we had just over 10,000 users on Dow Connect, and by the following Tuesday we had doubled our user base to nearly 20,000 users.

It was really effective to use that exclusive content to begin to push people into the app and show the value of it. From there we continued to do similar campaigns with mobile exclusive content to push people to the app. The retention rate is quite good with our program.

Shel Holtz:

We’ve talked before about the retention rate that this platform generates among employees – it really is remarkable. And you I’m sure can get the same kind of results that Jenn has gotten at Dow.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Shel Holtz & Friends!

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