Extreme Networks’ 2017 Super Bowl Sponsorship Part 1: The Birth of a Network

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Extreme Networks is the official wi-fi network solutions provider of Super Bowl LI. Extreme Networks helped Super Bowl LI make history by being one of the most connected and engaged sporting events to date. 

Steve Harrington, VP of Marketing at Extreme Networks, shares how he leveraged Extreme 360 (E360), a mobile communication platform powered by SocialChorus, to engage and inform employees about this exciting sponsorship

E360 was the vehicle that brought the NFL sponsorship to life pre, post and during Super Bowl 51. Let’s start at the beginning and dive into how the app was used before the Super Bowl occurred.

As communicators, we can forget how important the days and weeks leading up to a major event are. One of the first things I considered was how I could make employees feel engaged every step of the way. In addition to investing in a four month social media campaign and building rapport with sports reporters, we used E360 as a content hub for information around the sponsorship.

A channel inside E360 was created specifically for the sponsorship content including press and information on internal rallies that were held leading up to the event. Push notifications were used to drive engagement and employees back to the app – I found one notification in particular to be extremely successful. We had an upcoming internal rally and we sent a push notification to remind employees to attend the event. As a result, hundreds joined the call. If employees missed the rally, they were able to get the presentation slides and other content inside E360.

To give employees an inside look into what it means to set up a wi-fi network, we sent a film crew down to NRG Stadium in Houston to film the cabling and birth of a network. The video was then shared on E360 and our partner app resulting in the most viewed video in E360 history. E360 served as an employee and partner hub for information and knowledge sharing.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog series to learn how E360 was leveraged during Super Bowl 51 for real-time updates to employees and stakeholders.


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