FutureComms 2019 Speaker Feature: Laurie Madden of Phillips 66

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How do you reach and engage a diverse workforce with an authentic narrative when they’re spread across the United States?

Laurie Madden, Senior Advisor, Digital Projects, Corporate Communications at Phillips 66, faced this problem head on. Her objective was to speed up the flow of information to the company’s 14,000 employees and create a vehicle for their Employee Ambassador Program content.

At FutureComms 2019 on April 24 in New York City, Laurie will speak about Phillips 66’s digital transformation, how they formed a business case for a workforce communications platform, how they dealt with overcoming challenges in the IT space, and what they learned from their pre and post-launch. Here’s a sneak peek into her talk.


“We didn’t know what we didn’t know”

Although there was strong high level stakeholder support, there was concern about cultural resistance to adding new technology to improve employee communications at Phillips 66. This made it imperative to set realistic goals and expectations for launch.

Once they launched, Laurie tackled an additional set of challenges. She and her stakeholders had to create new procedures and processes from scratch. She also had to help 30 new channel managers (a mix of publishers and program managers from across teams) use those processes, create content, and manage supporting them.

There was a tremendous need to optimize app content over multiple communications channels, while at the same time, managing new demand for the platform. Also, they wanted to grow their user base faster, and figure out ways to work smarter by pushing the envelope on their new company app, powered by SocialChorus.

Laurie will share her insights into what her team learned:

    • Continue to ALWAYS push the benefits to both employees and channel managers – it’s a must to maintain momentum
    • Keep IT involved – they are your best friend
    • Consider different ways to format your content to make the feed more engaging and use visual cues for segmentation
    • Encourage employee submitted content
    • Give the power to your channel managers – trust them and train them, and make them platform salespeople

Meet Laurie at FutureComms 2019 and hear more on how they launched SocialChorus’ workforce communication platform and transformed employee communications at Phillip 66. Register today to save your spot.


Here’s Laurie bio:

With a 25-year career in communications, Laurie Madden, combines skills in both IT and marketing, providing her a unique view into how digital tools can transform a company’s bottom line. 

As a Regional Marketing Director in charge of company communication, she realized early on that being able to interact with audiences electronically would be a game changer. She won a national award for “Best Idea” around utilizing that communication to increase sales and implemented the first ever department focused exclusively on consumer electronic communication in the real estate industry.

With the growth of mobile communication, her focus has shifted to mobile apps within Phillips 66, where she currently works as a Senior Advisor for Digital Projects in the Corporate Communications Department. She spent three years in IT supporting US Fuels Marketing, implementing mobile payment within the Phillips 66 consumer app (B2C) and managing the creation of the Phillips 66 Aviation mobile app (B2B). She most recently helped implement a new internal communications app (B2E), which she now manages.

Her industry experience includes oil and gas, real estate, and software. Her passion is animal rescue (she has four rescues of her own), and she loves spending time outdoors because sunshine makes everything better.


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