FutureComms 2019: Taking Company News to a New Level

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Michelle Lyons, a former TV producer and writer, can tell a good story. Director of global communications at MetLife, she leads employee communications for nearly 60,000 employees in 40 countries. She manages the company intranet, creates content for all communication channels, and oversees the video production team.

At this year’s FutureComms, Michelle will share how she and her team helped take internal communications to the next level and how to make boring topics engaging.

Humans are drawn to storytelling. It produces oxytocin in your brain, enhances empathy, and motivates cooperation. When Michelle joined MetLife, she set new editorial rules – based on her journalism background – because she knew it would help increase engagement and draw employees back to the intranet. These rules include:

  • No jargon
  • Keep it conversational
  • Write simple
  • Use storytelling
  • Follow journalistic guidelines
  • Ask, “What’s in it for the employees?”
  • Make an emotional connection

During her presentation, Michelle will speak about MetLife’s internal content strategy with an objective for growth, especially focusing on her team’s goal of making the intranet the place to go for company news. Her editorial team makes sure they’re always telling a story and each story has to fit into one of these categories:

  • Growth
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer
  • Digital and innovation
  • Culture

One of the team’s signature projects is its monthly news show, Studio 1. The series reaches 60,000 people in more than 40 countries and is published in 10 languages. Michelle helped transform it from a corporate news anchor show into a shorter, more engaging format focusing on employee stories.

Meet Michelle at FutureComms 2019 on April 24 in New York. She’ll reveal how she decides what’s a good story, how she sources content and why she’s so passionate about good storytelling.

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Michelle’s bio:

Michelle Lyons is director of global communications at MetLife, where she developed their first editorial and content style guide, introducing storytelling as a communications strategy. She also serves as on-air talent for the company’s internal videos. Prior to entering the corporate world, Lyons was a television producer and writer for NBC, CBS and Fox 5. She earned an Emmy nomination for her coverage of Hurricane Sandy and led special-events coverage for the 2008 presidential election, Hurricane Katrina, the Baltimore Ravens 2001 Super Bowl parade, and the New York City Marathon.

Lyons holds a B.S. in Communications/Journalism from Morgan State University, and has completed professional certificate programs in Marketing and Social Psychology from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Wesleyan University.


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