FutureComms 2018: Featuring a New Communicator in Charge

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We’re gearing up for FutureComms on April 18 with speakers and talks you won’t want to miss. Our theme—Communicators in Charge—is inspired by a new breed of communicators who are changing the way we think about the strategic value of connecting the workforce and their global organizations. There are several facets to this transformation—from leveraging technology to pushing a proactive strategy to finding metrics that demonstrate growth. But they all have one thing in common: they are driven by communicators who know how to position themselves for success, build their careers, and train their teams.

In a digital-first economy, companies must be agile to thrive which means breaking down knowledge silos and connecting distributed workforces. Digital transformation comes from within, and it’s important that the impact of that change is well communicated to all employees at the same time. At FutureComms, Greg Shove, founder and executive chairman of SocialChorus, will talk about how communicators can shape the future of the comms role by finding ways to reach every employee, regardless of location or technology, with the information they need as soon as they need it.

By pushing to be proactive rather than reactive in their strategy, communicators can establish a unified source of truth for their companies. This unification lays the groundwork for company growth by supporting better collaboration, stronger commitment to the company’s vision, and greater efficiency. Andy Cunningham, entrepreneur and author of Get to Aha!, has pioneered the idea that by proactively informing employees of critical trends, strategies, and announcements, communicators can align external and internal communications to drive growth.

Under the right conditions, rethinking internal comms strategy can push growth beyond just gaining market share: it can power wholesale brand transformation. That’s what Aptiv’s digital global director, Pamela Marko, proved when she leveraged a new internal communications platform to drive a cultural mind shift at Aptiv. It’s easy to talk about changing workplace culture. But turning promises into real, working results are driven by the kinds of bold actions Marko and her team took. At FutureComms, she’ll share with us how Aptiv was able to make their vision for “a new brand, a new mission, and a new way of doing business” a reality.

Ultimately, though, any communicator who has a growth vision for their company needs to prove that their communication strategy is producing results. Building strong metrics that demonstrate the value of internal communications is a key issue we’ll be raising in two different FutureComms panels. First, an all-star group of communicators—Jana Dawson and Jaycee Breese of Westar Energy, Lindsey Birkel of Caterpillar, and Kyla Turner of Love’s Travel Stops—will show us how they proved to their CFOs that employee communications needed to be at the forefront of business strategy. They sold employee comms to their businesses by proving its critical role in growing the company from the inside out.

After that, Jason Anthoine of Audacity, Lindsay Williams of DentalOne Partners, Kelsey Graziano of PVH Corp., JoEllen Saeli-Lane of the American Cancer Society, and our own Chuck Gose will draw out the bigger picture behind the metrics issue in their panel, “Embracing a New Way of Working.” They’ll be discussing the shift from focusing on everyday comms tactics to results-oriented strategic communication.

The best part? This is only a sampling of all there is to learn and discuss. Learn more about FutureComms here and get your ticket today.

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