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Our second annual event, FutureComms, is kicking off on April 18th in New York City – and we couldn’t be more excited.

The full-day event is packed with learning, sharing, and meeting with some of the most brilliant leaders of digital employee communications and experience.

Our theme: Communicators in Charge. Because we’re going to be discussing the sea change that’s brought communications to the vanguard of business, as well as hearing exhilarating stories of organizational transformation. We’re so excited about this event that we want to give a sneak peek behind the curtain and introduce you to a few of the speakers that are joining SocialChorus and our partners at the NYC Apella Event Space.

One of our inspiring speakers is Lindsay Williams, Director of Communications at DentalOne Partners, who speaks passionately about the transformation DentalOne Partners underwent when they launched the ONE App.


“We had a disconnected workforce at a hundred and sixty locations,” Williams says. “We had to figure out how to reach them, and there was an overwhelming sense of wanting to be connected.”


But how do you reach a group of talented individuals who work on patients’ mouths, rather than in front of a computer screen? The answer: DentalOne Partners’ “ONE” App, which came together in a mere twenty-eight days.

“We spent a lot of time really focusing on how we can get our employees engaged, we launched a major challenge along with it, and twenty-eight days later, we launched. Our launch was our pilot.” Williams explains.

And the hard work that went into those four weeks paid off. One month after launch—only two months after conception—a market leader approached Williams. Before the launch of ONE, this market leader reported, two people on their team didn’t believe in the DentalOne story. But after using the ONE app, things changed. “They’re completely different employees, and they one hundred percent buy into our story of being one,” Williams explains. “That is one of the coolest stories I’ve heard since we launched,” she adds, smiling.

Learn how DentalOne connects their clinicians to the ONE brand story through SocialChorus here.

Speaking about SocialChorus’ technology, which helps connect disengaged employees through sharing stories, Williams says, “It’s powerful and it’s something that I trust and will always be an advocate for because it helps engage employees and makes our jobs easier as communicators.”

But when asked if that’s her favorite thing about SocialChorus, Williams laughs. “I can’t choose one thing about working with SocialChorus that’s my favorite.”

We look forward to hearing the ONE story and learning a little more about how the app informs, empowers, and connects employees, including a look into major mission challenges at FutureComms. Get your ticket for FutureComms here.

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