PRSA Connect 18: Employee Communications Conference

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Great things come to those who wait!

Yes, sometimes it’s just good thing. But this is a great thing – and something I’ve been waiting for the past two years to take place.

Next week I’m chairing PRSA Connect 18 in Nashville, Tennessee. And because of some very valuable succession planning, I’ve known since 2016 that I would be leading the event. Last year, I got to be a part of PRSA Connect 17 team in Denver and also closed out the event as one of the keynotes.

I’m back again doing the closing keynote as a live episode of ICology but as the chair I’m so proud of the event we’ve planned and pulled together this year. It’s the biggest Connect 18 yet. But like they say, size doesn’t matter.

What does matter?

We have a world-class lineup of speakers and workshops for those lucky enough to have snagged a seat. I’m not going to go through the complete list but it’s second to none. Last year was the first time Connect offered pre-conference workshops and they sold out. This year we doubled them and still sold out.

We have the largest lineup of sponsors and supporters yet, including SocialChorus returning again, which I’m very proud of. The overall count of supporters for 2018 is north of a dozen and it wouldn’t surprise me if more got added this week. Connect attracts the best and brightest communicators from North America.

And for the first time, we will have a conference mobile app available to attendees. In the app, you’ll have access to an updated conference schedule, roster of speakers, giving feedback about the event and connecting with your peers.

And that’s not all.

We have a few more surprises that I’m going to leave for those who will be in Nashville next week but you’ll see images and videos shared on social so be sure to follow #PRSAConnect.

I also want to thank three key individuals who were on this year’s planning committee: Elisabeth Wang, Kristin Hancock and Anthony Bolton. Each have led and owned various parts of the event, making my job as chair that much easier. I kept the team lean but I couldn’t have asked for better creativity and leadership from them.

We still have one week to wait for the start of PRSA Connect 18. But it will have been worth the wait. And for those procrastinators out there, there might just be a few seats left.

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PRSA Connect 2018: Employee Communications Conference

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