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I ended our latest SC Summit Series in Atlanta with an image of Wonder Woman on the bigscreen. I was suggesting to our room full of communications leaders that they are transformational superheroes.

And they need to seize this moment to transform their industry using technology.

Technology to reach the last mile for every worker – to the factory floor, the retail floor, the oil field, and the home of the remote worker.

Technology that can personalize every employee’s experience at work.

Technology that is optimized based on data and usage, like our favorite consumer apps.

We are thrilled that the largest global brands including 10 of the Fortune 50 are using our technology to transform the employee experience and make the work life better for their employees.

As I reflected on the most impactful stories of the afternoon told by one of our incredible clients, I realized that I may need to re-think my definition of Wonder Woman.

Jason Anthoine, vice president of corporate communications at Newell Brands, told a story of a woman who is a seamstress for one of their lesser known, albeit with a rich history, brands.

Her manager nominated her to do a pride video. Her video was beyond inspiring about the pride she took in her work.

This video quickly became the most-viewed video by thousands of employees in Newell Now, the employee communications platform powered by SocialChorus.

Then I realized. This seamstress is Wonder Woman. She inspired everyone at the organization including the senior executives. Her passion, dedication, and pride at work are her superpowers.

And then I understood. Every worker is Wonder Woman.

Every person regardless of job title, tenure, gender, sexual orientation or status has important skills and interests that should be valued and celebrated by the organizations who employ them.

Everyone matters. Everyone is Wonder Woman.


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