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Content Marketing is not a new phenomenon yet it seems to be one of 2013’s hottest buzzwords. But why?

The reality is almost every brand has a content problem these days. Brands can’t seem to get enough content to fuel their social media efforts. The fact that brands are all buzzing about content and content marketing proves that brands realize this problem and are looking for new strategies to solve it.

One of the most powerful ways to get content for your brand is to leverage brand advocates. Advocates are people – consumers, employees, and bloggers – who love your brand and are willing to tell their friends. These people are already telling friends and family offline. Powering these people to share their stories online as well translates into content for the brand. Advocate-created content might be anything from tweets, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, to blog posts.

Will brand advocates really create and share content about brands? If people love your brand they will create and share content under a couple of conditions.

Brands need to motivate and inspire customers and employees to advocate for their brand by bringing advocates into the process, giving them a voice, and making them feel valuable. By showing advocates you care about them, and they’ll care (and share) content and opportunities about your brand.

The real value of advocate-content is achieved when repurposing that content on paid and owned channels. Advocate content receives 10x more engagement than branded content on paid channels and 7x more engagement than brand content on brands’ owned channels like their Facebook page or website.

Share the knowledge!

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