Earning A Seat At The Employees’ Table: The 2017 SocialChorus Summit Series Recap

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With autumn comes a series of thrilling events: the first colorful leaves, the new frost in the air, Jack O’ Lanterns on porches, and the mouthwatering scent of pumpkin spice.

But that’s not the series we at SocialChorus were most excited about when summer 2017 turned to fall. Instead, we were gearing up for the 2017 Summit Series, our annual employee engagement seminar.

From mid-September to mid-November, SocialChorus hosted employee engagement events across Dallas, New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco and London. The aim of these half-day events? To gather employee communications and engagement leaders across the world to share best practices, network, and learn together.

But this all served to contribute to the overarching theme—From Disconnected to Connected: The New Employee Experience— of our Summit Series. SocialChorus’ Director of Product Marketing, Kristen Ribero summarized the Summit Series’ mission like this,

Employee Engagement Seminar

“This new employee experience is really something that communicators are driving, and now with mobile technology, they have a key role to play in getting this digital experience into the hands of all their employees.”

Ribero was only one of the many employee communications and engagement leaders that were brought together to speak, discuss and inspire. Chuck Gose, host of ICology Podcast and SocialChorus Strategic Advisor, discussed how communicators do actually impact the customer experience through their work improving the employee experience. Greg Shove, SocialChorus Founder and Executive Chairman, reminded us why it’s so important to focus on the employee (especially those deskless workers) as they deserve just as great of an experience as anyone else.

Data was also a hot topic at Summit Series—Sonia Fiorenza, Vice President of Communication and Engagement Strategies, shared the top data insights across our customer base that communicators can’t ignore.

Employee Engagement EventThe Summit Series highlighted our customer speakers from leading brands as diverse as Hilton, 7-Eleven, Extreme Networks, Madewell, Estee Lauder Companies, PVH Corp., Newell Brands, DentalOne, Exelon, Vodafone and Shell, who discussed how mobile platforms and personalization are changing the employee experience.


In the palm-frond filled Highland Dallas, Hilton Worldwide HR Digital Strategy and Implementation Senior Director, Vanessa Sain-Dieguez had this to say on the subject:

“90% of our workforce doesn’t have access to desktops, so it’s really important that they can access us on the go.”

And under the chandeliers of the Intercontinental New York Barclay, Olivia Benisch, Senior Manager, Store Communications at Madewell, praised the latest innovation in employee engagement:

“When I launched the app for our stores I really wanted to approach it the way marketing approaches a customer. This was a way to reach the associate population in a way that we never had before.”

In addition, partner speakers from ROI Communication, Simply Communicate, Davis and Company, and Tribe Inc. shared their wisdom regarding delivering a modern communications experience. Alison Davis CEO, Davis and Company succinctly cut to the heart of the question of employee engagement:

“As internal communicators, we have to think about how can we be of service to our customers. Our customers are employees.”

The Summit Series, packed with a total of two hundred and seventy-one attendees, offered career advancement through networking and hearing about the lessons that some of the world’s biggest brands have learned. We discussed the latest technologies available for delivering modern employee communications experience and highlighted SocialChorus’ latest product innovations.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the Summit Series was also it’s most fundamental: it brought people together to speak about the issue of communication and employee engagement. Or, to quote Sonia Fiorenza:

“[We] were talking about how important it was to earn a seat at the employees’ table. And I really loved that, because it was about connecting with employees and giving them the content that is most relevant to them.”

Because that was the most vital concern addressed at the SocialChorus Summit Series. Over two months, in five cities, countless thought leaders and passionate communicators came together with a common goal: to give employees a connected experience.

We’d love to see you at our next employee engagement event. Stay tuned to see what we have planned for 2018!

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