Business continuity during work-from-home: Lessons from WashREIT

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Can your company maintain continuity and stay productive with all your people working from home? That’s the question facing organizations worldwide during the COVID-19 outbreak. As public health data and resulting policies shift daily, companies need to make sure their entire workforce is consistently up to speed and mobilized to keep their business running efficiently. That requires leadership to be at its best despite being in a fully digital environment, and employees to feel supported throughout the uncertainty.


Publicly-traded commercial and residential real estate trust WashREIT was facing many of these challenges. The company moved 100% of its office workers to work-from-home, but still needed them to fully support the field agents at the heart of their business. Following their business continuity plan and using the SocialChorus platform, company leaders have moved quickly to align workers with new policies, provide effective virtual leadership, and prioritize employee wellbeing.

With SocialChorus, we’re able to send push notifications directly to employees’ phones, and, if they don’t engage with mobile, they’re also sent an email. So they’re still getting reached everywhere. And we can really measure it— that’s important to us. – Deanna Schmidt, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications at WashREIT.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how WashREIT is able to support their workforce during work from home with SocialChorus. 

Also, be sure to check out WashREIT’s episode of Culture, Comms, and Cocktails. Susan Gerock, CIO, shares her stories on why WashREIT made the investment in a new internal comms platform and her advice on why other CIOs should play an active role in internal communications.

As we think about how technology enables people to do their jobs, to me, it’s meeting people where they are. That’s so much of what makes for good communication. It lets people work where they want to work, it lets people consume information in the way they want to consume it, in the time they want to consume it. It gives them that flexibility to blend that life experience with the work experience. And that’s what we try to do with technology at WashREIT, is to deliver on that employee experience at the same time while giving them the freedom to communicate in anyway and from anywhere. – Susan Gerock, CIO at Washington REIT


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