Shel Holtz & Friends Episode 10: Investing in Employees

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Shel Holtz has been speaking with leading employee communications professionals on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply at your organization. In the tenth episode from his conversation with SocialChorus chairman Greg Shove, Shel Holz asks him about how organizations can manage the difficult transition to mobile when not all employees are onboard with smartphones.

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Shel Holtz: 

I have been talking for the last several weeks with Greg Shove, executive chairman at SocialChorus. We have been talking about the state and shape of future internal communications functions, and a lot of that is certainly going to be mobile, but I tossed Greg a challenge, because I have been on more than one assignment where I have run into employees who simply don’t want to embrace the smartphone. I know people like this in my personal life, too, who still have feature phones and just don’t want to get into the whole smartphone scene.


Greg Shove:

We will still communicate with people with a portfolio of solutions. So for those people who don’t have a smartphone, don’t want one and/or don’t want to use their personal device on the job site or in the office, we will continue to use other methods as we do today, whether that be the digital signage, the break room poster or bulletin board, or email, newsletters, whatever it might be. So I don’t think that there’s a magic, single solution here, a silver bullet that will mean that everybody will be using a mobile app overnight, for example. But there is a portfolio of solutions, and what I think we need to do is invest in the ones that are growing and proven to be effective, and stop investing in what’s proven not to be effective.


Stay tuned for more of this interview with Greg Shove on the next episode of Shel Holtz & Friends!

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