Shel Holtz & Friends Episode 6: How Communications Platforms Provide Global Clarity of Employee Behavior

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Shel Holtz recently spoke with leading employee communications professionals on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply to your organization.

One of the benefits of getting your employees onto an employee communications platform is a unified source of data on employee behavior. SocialChorus’s metrics dashboard makes it easy for communications leads to take in a global view of what’s working well and what needs to be axed. In a recent episode of Shel Holtz’s For Immediate Release podcast, Shel talked with Jenn Holzinger, who leads Global Employee & HR Communications at The Dow Chemical Company, about how she was able to use SocialChorus to gain greater clarity into employee behavior.



Shel Holtz: One of the things that I really appreciate about SocialChorus is their fixation on metrics. They have this dashboard that provides so much information that you can use, and in my interview with Jenn Holzinger, Global Employee and HR Communications at Dow Chemical, I asked about how she was using the metrics that SocialChorus provides.



Jenn Holzinger: We’re really focused on some key metrics, obviously with the key program being less than a year old we’re about adoption, so we want to attract new users to the platform and that’s a  key metric for us this year. Of course, once we get them in we want to keep them there and we want to make it a habit of how they do work. So we also look at retention, and we’re really focused on those programs where we’ve had the most success and we try to replicate those. We try to manage our communication guidelines’ such as character limits, writing for web, writing for mobile, and really optimize the content for where we see success.


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