Shel Holtz & Friends Episode 8: Is Marketing the New Paradigm for Employee Communication?

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Shel Holtz has been speaking with leading employee communications professionals on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply to your organization. In the second episode of his conversation with SocialChorus chairman Greg Shove, Shel Holtz asks him how he sees employee communication evolving with regard to marketing philosophies.

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Shel Holtz: 

We’ve been talking about the changes that Greg perceives must happen in order for employee communication to be effective. But he did make the point that internal communications need to be more like marketing. But I raised the issue with him that marketing has traditionally been one-way, whereas employee communications and public relations, the corporate communications family of practices are two-way. And I asked him if there was any conflict with that and his notion of employee communications as being more marketing-like.


Greg Shove:

Marketing has become a dialogue — it’s been becoming a dialogue for over ten years, and certainly accelerated in the last five with the explosion of social media. Marketing is two-way, and I agree with you that internal communications has to be two-way, is two-way, and so I don’t see any disconnect there. I think a two-way, always-on, real-time channel across different media formats, different delivery mechanisms, whether it be mobile apps or intranets or email or digital signage — I don’t think it matters. I think what matters is getting to the employee where they are and giving them the information when they need it, just like a marketer thinks about giving the customer the right information whenever, wherever they need it.


Stay tuned for the next chapter of Shel Holtz & Friends!

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