This $100 Million Investment in Our Platform is Just the Beginning

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Today we are thrilled to announce that Sumeru Equity Partners (SEP) — a growth-focused technology investment firm — along with existing investors, has led a $100 million investment in SocialChorus. The partnership is focused on growth and product innovation to further our leadership in the workforce communications space, with the goal of unifying the digital workplace.

The Journey

Ever since founding SocialChorus with Greg Shove over a decade ago, we have been focused on delivering an incredible user experience to maximize engagement with EVERY worker. We have always known that communications is the backbone for an aligned workforce and a stellar digital employee experience. We are grateful for our fiercely loyal customer base who have been our partners through the years as we have powered transformation at their organizations while building SocialChorus to be the market leader. 

Our New Partners

We are excited to add new investors who can support us in accelerating our vision. As part of the investment, majority shareholder SEP will add principals John Brennan, George Kadifa and Mark Haller to our board of directors. “SEP has long followed the development of the workforce communications market, in which SocialChorus has been a leader and pioneer,” said John Brennan, Managing Director and co-founder of SEP. “Due to rapid shifts in the workplace, which have only accelerated with COVID-19, we believe SocialChorus’ next-generation software will be an invaluable resource for its customers. We are highly enthusiastic about partnering with the SocialChorus team to lead a new chapter of continued growth.”

Where We’re Going

We have always been motivated by the impact we can make for the millions of global workers we serve and our opportunity for impact is bigger than ever. The digitization of the workplace has created a proliferation of communication channels, making it increasingly difficult to inform and mobilize the workforce. Wired workers are overwhelmed with digital noise, while deskless workers are often disconnected . This fragmentation creates a lack of actionable behavioral data, and a workforce that is uninformed, less productive, and more reactive. The reality limits business adaptability and success.

At the same time, innovations in consumer experiences are changing employees’ expectations of their digital workplace, raising the bar higher than it’s ever been before. Employees are demanding more intuitive and personalized software to help them do their jobs more quickly and work smarter, not harder. 

At SocialChorus, we continue to innovate on our platform to unify the digital workplace and provide the intelligence that’s needed to inform and mobilize the workforce. We’re also simplifying the employee experience with personalization, giving workers access to the information and systems they need to get their work done efficiently—everywhere they are. Our goal is always to make companies more agile and productive through the power of their people

We are quickly adding functionality to enable the largest employers to handle their own transformations, navigate complex COVID realities, and deliver on the promise of the digital workplace.  

Thank You

I want to thank our incredibly talented and committed SocialChorus team, our extended family of partners, and of course, all of our customers who have given us the privilege to create the communications backbone within their organizations.

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