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Employees run the gamut of where, when, and how they’d like to stay informed. Whether it’s knowledge workers that are mostly at their desks during the day on email or the intranet, mobile workers who are on-the-go, or factory workers who get their information from digital signage, most communications to date have treated them as one entity. Unlocking this workforce—and reaching every worker with personalized information that matters to them, wherever they may choose to be, is our mission.

That’s why we’re introducing several new features to help us connect with employees and make their employer communication experience relevant and personalized to them.

Here are some of SocialChorus’ latest updates:


Content Amplifier: Extend the personalized newsfeed from SocialChorus to most web applications and revitalize content on legacy platforms like an intranet. Read more about it in our blog post.   

Content Search: Our powerful search engine makes it possible for employees to find content or people within the palm of their hand. This makes it easy to find critical employee resources that communicators have posted—such as attachments, videos, and articles.

‘More From’: Increase engagement by automatically bringing forward relevant, personalized content in the same channel to the posts they are reading.

Top Stories: Employees have mere minutes, if not seconds, to absorb company information. Top Stories automatically brings to the top of the employee experience the most engaging content for them to interact withnow.

All updates mentioned are available today. To learn more about how SocialChorus helps modernize workforce communications, visit our platform page or request a demo

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