How SocialChorus Delivers Reach and Reliability Around the World

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The global workforce has firmed into a 21st century standard. In some industries, 77% of the workforce now lies outside company headquarters. Workplaces have been pushed out beyond the cubicle walls. As companies maintain their global footprints, the importance of staying connected with all of their employees in many locations has risen to new heights.

We work with a range of Fortune 50 to 2000 companies, who have complex and distributed workforces throughout the world. This means thousands of employees, and in some cases hundreds of thousands, are spread across multiple locations around the globe.

Here at SocialChorus, we understand staying connected with employees, wherever they are, is essential for companies today. Reach and reliability have become paramount, even more so with employee communications.



In the first quarter of 2017, SocialChorus reached employees in over 180 countries around the world. In the US alone, we had a footprint in all 50 states across 6,400 cities. 

At the same time, we delivered a 99.99% service uptime across the platform.

Resiliency is mission critical as service downtime has proven to have a negative impact on employee engagement and productivity, not to mention the bottomline. At SocialChorus, we take pride in providing multinational companies the ability to connect – and stay connected – to their employees wherever they are 24/7/365.

Learn more about why reach and reliability should be a focus for your employee communications, talk to our team today. 

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