SocialChorus Launches an Advanced Integration with SharePoint

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We are pleased to announce the release of our advanced version of SharePoint Connector. With this integration, communicators can reach every worker, publish from one place, and unify employee communications analytics reporting for their programs.

Specifically, the integration allows Program Managers to publish from SharePoint to every channel that SocialChorus reaches—including desktop, a mobile app experience, digital signage, and more. Paired with Content Amplifier, which lets you embed a SocialChorus feed anywhere that supports an iframe or embed script, this creates a bi-directional integration opportunity.

The SharePoint Connector benefits both communications and IT professionals. For communicators, the integration streamlines the workflow of planning, publishing, and measuring internal campaigns. For IT, it validates and amplifies their previous investment in Office365 more broadly, and SharePoint specifically. Additionally, it helps them see unified analytics across their communication channels to understand performance insights more profoundly. The combination of SocialChorus and SharePoint produces a comprehensive way to reach and engage every worker.

According to Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft, “Digital transformation is a major priority for many of our customers and internal communications play a critical role in this. The integration of SocialChorus with SharePoint allows companies to digitally transform more quickly, connecting multiple communication platforms to inform and align employees at large companies.”  

This integration was built to serve the most acute needs of communication professionals and reflects SocialChorus’ approach to deep and thoughtful solutions based on the needs and potential of our customers.

This release was built in tight cooperation with our partners at Microsoft. Since March of 2018, SocialChorus and Microsoft have iterated development to drive the most utility for our common customers. Together, we serve many customers across the Fortune 1000, including four of the Fortune 50.

The most effective partnerships are built on more than technology and transactions. They are built on a common mission. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. SocialChorus believes companies thrive and win when all their employees feel informed, aligned, and supported. 

Interested in hearing more? Take a demo today. 

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