SocialChorus’ Program Studio is Designed for Internal Communications in the Digital Age

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Today’s employees expect the same digital experience from their companies as they do from consumer brands.

They want what they want when they want it—NOW—and that means access to information instantly and searchable at their fingertips. It’s also seeing the faces behind the C-suite. It’s the ability to engage with content and resources, and share that information with others

Additionally, the digital experience is fragmented. There’s no “one size fits all” mode of technology, even for corporate communications. Some employees prefer mobile. Others like email. And still, others are used to the intranet.  

This can be overwhelming from an internal communications perspective when trying to get the message out to thousands of distributed employees, some who work at desks, and others who are untethered. Communicators need to focus on what’s important—communicating in timely, relevant, and compelling ways in order to align their workers and make their businesses stronger.

That’s exactly why we created Program Studio, an internal communications tool that gives you a unified, comprehensive view of your overall internal communications plan. It also allows you to:

  • Plan, create, publish, and measure your content across every channel employees touch.
  • Send targeted updates across channels on a single publisher.
  • Avoid copying-and-pasting to multiple platforms.
  • Show results that prove your value.


What is Program Studio?


Here are some detailed examples of how SocialChorus clients are currently using Program Studio to communicate faster and more effectively.

Plan with automated groups and segmentation.

Our powerful Groups functionality lets you automatically target groups of employees created based on your data, whatever their system of record is, and splice it the way you want. We can also do what none of our competitors can: help you automatically create behavioral groups and target users not just based on department and other divisions, but based on their activity in the app.

Rapidly create and distribute important messages and engaging content.

Whether it’s an email newsletter, a push notification, or a post of a link, image, or video, Program Studio creates beautiful content in minutes, not hours. And we auto-format to any device or channel, so you don’t have to.

Publish across a multitude of channels, including third-party platforms.

There’s no “one size fits all” mode of technology anymore, including corporate communications. Some employees prefer mobile. Others like email. And still, others are used to the intranet. You can use Program Studio to publish content or run campaigns to reach employees wherever they are. In addition to email and branded apps, we can also connect the dots with many third-party integrations, such as Facebook Workplace and intranet platforms like Sharepoint.

Measure everything from one place

It is critical for communicators to set benchmarks, track their progress, and share results with executive stakeholders. This is a far cry from “spreadsheet management” cobbling everything together from a bunch of sources!

Watch this video to see how Newell Brands uses Program Studio to stay organized and reach and engage targeted groups of employees in timely and compelling ways.

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