Connect to Every Employe
with Digital Signage

Get information to your workforce immediately, even when they don’t have access to a computer or mobile device.


The Easy, Streamlined Solution to Digital Signage Publishing

Digital signage offers a highly effective channel for reaching a large number of workers at once. And SocialChorus’ Content Amplifier feature lets you publish content directly to your digital signage, and all your other communication channels, with just one click.

If you’re new to digital signage, we’ve also partnered with leading digital signage provider Diversified to offer an end-to-end solution that has you covered from installation to publishing.

Learn more about our digital signage partnership with Diversified here.

Reach Your

Convey critical information to workers who can’t check a phone or computer while doing their jobs.


No need to call IT when you need to update content. Publish once and content is automatically refreshed.

Align Your Communication

Syndicate one message to every channel instantly including mobile, intranet, email, digital signage, etc.


Simple Digital Signage Publishing

You create the content, we’ll take care of the rest. SocialChorus’ Content Amplifier allows communicators to easily scale and distribute their content to any digital signage around the globe.


Easier for You and IT

Embed a newsfeed anywhere you can place a URL, HTML iframe or web script, so you can publish content everywhere without IT having to install software on each screen.


Templates to Suit Your Needs

SocialChorus includes multiple, flexible templates compatible with auto-refreshed content, autoplay videos, and every Diversified digital signage format.


Make Communication More Effective

Make sure the strategic content you’ve worked so hard on reaches your entire workforce. Digital signage offers another useful way to connect with hard-to-reach workers and inspire them to work toward company goals.

See How our Digital Signage Solution Works with Your Other Channels

This overview is just the beginning. Our omni-channel approach helps you reach and engage with every employee.


See how we help align your workforce

We’ve assembled some stories of how our customers are making the most of the SocialChorus platform.

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