eBook | 6 Ways to Attract And Keep Your Employees’ Attention

Let’s face it: your employees are not paying attention. Only 10% of employees report knowing what’s going on in their company at any given time. To make it more difficult, you are competing for your employees’ attention with some of the best mobile consumer apps in the world. Email, intranets and other outdated technologies are simply not working anymore. It’s time to start thinking about employees as consumers.

But with employee attention spans at an all-time low, what can communicators do to reach their workforce? In this new eBook, 6 Ways to Attract And Keep Your Employees’ Attention, you’ll discover what you can start doing today to ensure your workforce is engaged and connected.

Get your copy to learn more about:

  • Why optimizing for mobile can get your employees coming back for more – even on weekends

  • How you can take a lesson from marketing by making communications personal and relevant to all employees

  • The reasons why video and other consumer trends are capturing employee attention

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