Targeted, Personalized Emails
Mean Better Engagement

The SocialChorus platform allows you to create and optimize your emails with templates and modules. Improve deliverability and engagement with our powerful personalization, automation, and targeting features.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Email and newsletters are one piece of the communications pie. SocialChorus makes it easy to put all the pieces together inside Program Studio, deploy your campaigns, and measure reach and engagement.

Create Seamlessly

Develop engaging emails and newsletters in minutes, not hours.

Personalize It

Personalize emails and newsletters to each individual or team.

Replace Your Email

Create, edit, distribute, and track emails through the platform.


Create Emails in Program Studio

Program Studio is your one-stop shop for creating compelling emails. Use our templates or customize your own for the perfect, branded design. Personalize the message to the individual or target to specific groups or teams inside the company.


Produce Beautiful Newsletters in Minutes

Stop spending hours hacking together your weekly newsletter. Our design features and templates let you automatically pull in content that’s been posted in other channels, customize the design, and deploy in seconds.


Send Automated Nurture Campaigns

Sometimes employees won’t respond to emails on the first send. Use Smart Campaigns to enable automatic reminders until they take the desired action, whether it’s acknowledging a policy or signing up for benefits. Pair with supplemental content or push notifications to ensure the message is received.


Reach Every Worker with Email

For high-priority emails that must reach every employee in the company, Program Studio lets you send email to every employee who has an email address. Measure the reach, level of engagement, and the impact of your emails compared to other campaigns or channels.

See How Email and Newsletters are Better with SocialChorus

This overview is just the beginning. Program Studio has more useful features to help you reach and engage with every employee.


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Learn how the SocialChorus platform can help you transform your workforce communications across all your channels.

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