More Than Words: My First Few Weeks at SocialChorus

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Sometimes when you start a new job, you sort of stare into your laptop screen feeling like you should be working but not quite sure what you should be doing. And then sometimes you start a new job at SocialChorus where you experience none of that. I spent my first three days in our San Francisco office and it was a whirlwind of meetings, discussions, strategy sessions and client conversations.

Last week, a coworker asked about my first month at the company. “I’ve only been here two weeks,” I replied. “Really? It seems like you’ve been here way longer,” she countered. I’ll take that as a compliment as I believe it really speaks to the culture and energy of the company.

And that pace hasn’t slowed since I’ve joined. (And yes, it still hasn’t been a month, Kristen!) The business is growing. New and exciting clients are continuing to partner with us. And new employees like myself are joining all the time.

But underneath all of this energy lies the company’s core values. I should mention that typically I’m not a big vision/values/mission statement guy. Not because I don’t believe in them, but because at a lot of companies they are simply words. Posters on the wall. Things leaders simply state in meetings.

But that’s not the case at SocialChorus. On LinkedIn, I wrote about how I immediately noticed the prevalence of our values across the company in employee behaviors and actions. But now I wanted to take the time to share a few examples and add some personal context.

We act like owners

Employees should treat a company as if it’s their own. This means doing the right thing by your customers and your coworkers. Every week our Engagement Managers get on a call to talk about customer success. And the conversations are not always easy. Anyone who works in software development knows releases can sometimes be bumpy and that’s not always fun. But each one of them steps up to help our customers, in the easy times and not the not-so-easy times, too. We act like owners.

We succeed together

In my second week, my boss Sonia Fiorenza took a well deserved holiday. And what I’ve learned early on is that vacations and time off are celebrated and respected at SocialChorus- not guilted. But with her out, I still had to prepare for a big client kick off and onboarding session. And anybody I called on for help stepped up immediately, especially Meaghan Riley, my colleague on the Strategic Advisory Group. We succeed together.

We lead

Remember that big client onboarding session I mentioned? It took place this week. And it was an amazing session to be a part of. We get to work with amazing communicators at global companies, but also lead and help them embrace our workforce communications platform. It goes so far beyond the app. It includes audience analysis, launch planning, content strategy and so on. We lead.

I have said for years that my best days are the ones I spent talking to and working with internal communicators. It is my passion and I love helping them and challenging them. And it’s now through SocialChorus’ values and mission that I’m able to live out my passion.

We act like owners. We succeed together. We lead.

And if you’d like to see these values in action, check out the company’s Fall Summit Series. We have events planned for Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco and London. It would be great to see some friendly and familiar faces there.

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