Webinar: Creating Killer Content in a Virtual, Mobile World

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Thursday June 25 | 7am PT / 10am ET

Whether people are getting their content from home or at work… or on a laptop, a phone, or a tablet… one thing hasn’t changed: content is king. The best, most modern tools in the world can’t cover up for bad content, lousy corporate writing, boring stories, and copy that isn’t set up for mobile reading. In this fun Webinar, #1-rated speaker and employee communication expert Steve Crescenzo will show you how to:

  • Master writing for mobile devices, which is how a growing number of employees are consuming their company news
  • Cut the fat from your news stories, and make them as tight and concise as possible… without leaving anything important out
  • Layer your online writing, so the reader can easily choose what they want to read, and how much time they want to spend reading it
  • Pull “skimmers” and “scanners” deeper into your online content

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Steve Crescenzo
CEO at Crescenzo Communications

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