Infographic: 8 Employee Engagement Best Practices for 2019

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Engaged employees are happy employees. And more than just happiness, recent Gallup research has shown that engaged employees lead to real business outcomes: 21% increase in productivity, achieve four times more earnings-per-share (compared to competitors), and can lead to 81% higher customer satisfaction.

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We’ve culled the data points from over 300 million SocialChorus events to pull together our best practices to help Communicators engage with their employees in the most effective way. See below for our recommendations, and download our infographic here.


Employee Engagement Stats

1. Collaborate with your team

It may sound obvious to teams that are stretched thin (some of our customers have ratios of 1 communicator to 20,000+ employees!) but sharing the communication workload leads to better results. Our data shows that having at least five Program Managers contributing to your program greatly enhances your program’s strength, engagement, and reach. And these don’t just have to be Communicators in title either.

2. Run more reports each month.

We’ve seen that the customers that run more reports about their communications programs actually have higher click-through-rates of their content. How does this happen? Our hypothesis is that the more reports they run, the more insight they have into their content, and the more they can optimize. Knowledge is power!

3. Publish important content in the morning

Our data found a disconnect of when most content is published and the majority of employees are checking in with corporate messages. Close the gap and increase employee engagement by scheduling the most posts early in the morning – to get more eyeballs. Our new Content Planner tool makes this even easier.

4. Maintain weekly activity in your channels

Don’t create a channel just to check a box – make sure there is a game plan. The best channels (as valued by higher click-through rate) have new content published, specific to those channels, each week.

5. Expand your channels

While we’re talking about channels… make sure you have the optimum amount. Channels can be focused by region, role, content type, or major initiatives at the company. Many CEOs even have their own channel so they can communicate directly with employees. The most effective programs we’ve seen have 18-20 channels that, as mentioned above, they are updating with new content at least weekly.

6. Encourage program managers to publish 70% of posts

We have a lot of new user-generated content features available (where employees can publish articles, images, links, and even videos within your approval controls) – which is great to stimulate more content. However, make sure that you strike the right balance by having 70% percent of content still coming from the Communicators – to follow the best practice of the top programs we see.

7. Create highly shareable content

Many communications programs serve dual interests – to align employees, but to also let them share content with their networks. Earmark up to 10 posts a week as shareable – and explore different content types other than links (like images, videos, and articles) as well.

8. Create and post more videos

It is the age of video, and it’s never been easier to create and share great video content. Need a refresher? Check out our Video Like a Boss webinar – it’s a must-see free resource for creating compelling 60-second videos seemingly on the fly. Video content receives up to 50% more engagement than other types of posts. Make it part of your leadership team’s weekly plan to get a new video out to employees each week. It can even be fun.

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