Engage Your
Employees on Mobile

Make it easy for every employee to get real-time news and alerts wherever they are working. Reach and connect to every worker at any time and place.

Enhance the Employee Experience

The mobile app connects unwired employees in an elegant way and pairs nicely with desktop, email, and intranet experiences to help you reach employees wherever they are.

Timely Updates

Reach them at a time and place that’s convenient.

Relevant Content

Optimize your channels and feeds to get better engagement.

Reach Everyone

Job role or work location shouldn’t mean some people are uninformed.


Reach Employees Wherever They Are

Employees have unparalleled access to receive company information on mobile whether they prefer SMS, a push notification, email, or a branded app. The best part? You are pushing these messages from one place—Program Studio.


Let Employee Voices Be Heard

Employees that have more connection to your company feel more valued and are more likely to be happier and productive. With video submissions and user-commenting, adoption and engagement rates soar and drive real impact for your business.


Find Everything in One Place

Unify your communications into one place by attaching documents including PDFs, Excel sheets, ICS files, and PowerPoint presentations across multiple channels. Employees can also search for any post at any time.


Personalize the Experience for Every Worker

Program Studio adapts to how workers engage with content on the channels they use most, at times they engage most.

See How a Mobile App Experience Can Benefit You

This overview is just the beginning. Learn more about our incredible features to reach and engage every employee.


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We’ve assembled some stories of how our customers are making the most of the SocialChorus platform.

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