Guide | CIO Crisis Communications: How to Solve Your 5 Most Critical Challenges During COVID-19

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Ensure Business Continuity During Times of Global Urgency

While the new coronavirus may seem like a singular threat, dealing with crises is a fact of doing business—one companies can expect to encounter with increasing frequency. According to PWC, 69% of businesses had experienced a crisis in the last 5 years even before COVID-19, and the most disruptive causes of crises in the U.S. were natural or environmental. 

Under these conditions, it’s likely that your company already has crisis management and business continuity plans in place. But do you have the communications infrastructure to ensure all your workers can make your plan a reality?

Our latest guide will take you through the 5 greatest challenges facing CIOs as they utilize their stack to reach their entire workforce. We’ve provided practical solutions for how to mobilize your people around your crisis response, including how to: 

Establish a source of truth for your company and communicate with one voice, so employees can separate rumors from facts and trust what they’re being told. 

Reach every worker on every digital channel with the targeted, personalized information they need to respond in an emergency. 

Use intelligent automation to certify message delivery, prompt response, and make sure your crisis communications are not just read but understood. 

Track the success of crisis initiatives and measure the effectiveness of your communications using in-depth analytics. 

Ensure that your stack and your workforce are prepared for emergency situations during COVID-19 and beyond. Enter your info on the right to download the guide.

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