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New and Updated: How to Measure Internal Communications

You’ve sent out the latest safety information, CEO video, and policy change. But how do you know if employees got the message? And what’s the risk of not knowing?

Reaching every employee is one of the top concerns of communicators, yet many don’t know how if their communications were read and received. In our recent report, we discovered that only 22% of communicators are actually confident that the metrics they choose to track are effective in improving their content.

If you can’t measure success, you won’t know what’s working. And that’s a risk.

Download this step-by-step guide with a new foreword from SocialChorus co-founder Nicole Alvino to learn:

  • How to define key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure how your internal communications support your company’s business objectives
  • What to consider when choosing technologies for measuring communications metrics
  • Steps to create a measurement/analysis process that offers a continuous stream of insights
  • Ways to gather and learn from the data, create action plans to promote executive buy-in, and prove your ROI to gain support for future initiatives

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