Guide | 7 Templates for Planning an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

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Everything You Need to Create Communications that Work. 

Creating an effective internal communications plan is a challenge. Your message must reach different groups of employees from the front line to remote locations, and maintain relevance across a growing number of channels.

Without specific goals and a roadmap for achieving them, even the best campaign ideas can end up lacking tangible results.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive set of free templates to help you plan, tailor, test, and optimize your content for every segment of your workforce—so you can create content that resonates and proves your value.

Download the guide now to:

  • Define goals that align with your company’s objectives, and metrics for success, using our handy goals worksheet
  • Create employee personas with our persona template to learn how to better engage each audience segment
  • Get an experiments template to help you test internal communications content so you can continually develop insights and improve relevance
  • Track your metrics with our tracking template to demonstrate campaign success and ROI to management


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