DentalOne Partners Leverages SocialChorus to Connect their Supported Clinicians to the ONE Brand Story

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DentalOne Partners is one of the largest dental service management organizations with more than 160 practices. How do you reach a group of talented individuals who work on patients’ mouths, rather than in front of a computer screen? The answer: DentalOne Partners’ “ONE” App, which came together in a mere twenty-eight days.

Lindsay Williams, Director of Communications at DentalOne Partners, speaks passionately about the transformation DentalOne Partners underwent when they launched the ONE App, powered by SocialChorus, in this video.

“We spent a lot of time really focusing on how we can get our employees engaged, we launched a major challenge along with it, and twenty-eight days later, we launched. Our launch was our pilot.” Williams explains. Watch the video to hear the full story!

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