How SocialChorus Helps Dow Reach Its Manufacturing Workforce

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“What the SocialChorus platform—and our Dow Connect app does—is it brings the story to employees in one singular place. They’re able to customize the news feeds. They’re able to customize the information that’s coming to them based on what’s important to them and then we can share the information from a company perspective that they need to know to do their job on the platform.”

Jenn Holzinger, Global HR & Employee Communications, Dow


The Dow Chemical Company employs about 54,000 workers around the globe, and 60% of that workforce is deskless. They are not going to the intranet during the day. Even email can be difficult for them to read. Digital signage or posters in a break room wasn’t personalized in any way. They had an opportunity to reach and engage employees in a new way with SocialChorus to get employees excited about the company they work for.

Because the SocialChorus platform is easy-to-use, intuitive and offers the ability to allow multiple groups to create an publish content from one place, the Dow HR and comms teams can bring a higher volume of personalized and relevant information to employees—and reassurance they need during times of change.

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