How SocialChorus Helps Love’s Travel Stops Connect to Their Entire Workforce

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“For Love’s, it has really changed in that we’re more than just communicators now. Our goal is not just to connect every employee with what we need them to know or to be able to connect them to each other; it’s really about building culture. And our Love’s Now app helps us do that.” -Kyla Turner, Communications Manager at Love’s Travel Stops

A family-owned chain, Love’s Travel Stops, has 480 truck stops in 41 states with the bulk of their employees out on the frontlines. Their division of truck drivers, who deliver fuel to all of their locations, were the hardest to reach. While the drivers felt connected to their divisions, they didn’t feel as connected to the Love’s brand.

Love’s Travel Stops knew their traditional intranet model was not working. They needed something that would just appear on their employees’ smartphone and work like the consumer apps they were used to using. With SocialChorus’ help, they launched their Love’s Now mobile app in just three weeks leading up to their annual conference.

Watch the full story now to learn how Love’s got immediate buy-in from their leadership and managers from their successful launch.

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