How PVH Corp. Engages Its Retail Employees Using the SocialChorus Platform

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“Before we had SocialChorus, the retail associates were not allowed to use their phones. Corporate didn’t know how to relay information to them…What SocialChorus has allowed us to do is to bring our family of brands together on one platform to share information, get information, and really be inspired by each other.

Tiffin Jernstedt, SVP, Corporate Communications, PVH Corp.

PVH Corp. is the parent company to Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger and other fashion brands. They have more than 35,000, and about two-thirds of their workforce are retail associates. In the past, the way they communicated with associates—verbally, in mail packs, or via billboards in the back of the store—was very antiquated and ineffective. Since associates were not able to use their phones, and corporate headquarters had no other way to relay information to them.

“It’s just such a more effective delivery method than what we’ve had in the past. It’s really allowed us to unlock the voice of our associates. We tend to think of them as disconnected and being in their particular stores. It’s been fun to see them connect—not only showing off what they’re doing in their stores, but then sharing it with the other stores and see the other stores catch on. ”  

Kelsey Graziano, Director, Internal Communications, PVH Corp

The SocialChorus platform makes communication easier and more effective by putting information that associates needs to know right into their hands via their branded mobile app—The Insider. The PVH Corp. communications team is able to publish from one place and measure how much employees are engaging and sharing with each other.  

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