SocialChorus Gives Westar Energy the Power to Keep Everyone Informed

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“The value of SocialChorus to my team as communicators is that of a tool to help us do our jobs better and reach people where they are.”   -Jana Dawson, Director of Corporate Communicators, Westar Energy

Westar Energy is an electric utility company with a distributed workforce. Since their job is to keep the lights on, they have guys out in trucks all over their service territory who need access to information quickly. They didn’t have a good solution for that.

Second, Westar Energy is in the midst of a merger with its neighboring utility, KC P & L in Kansas City. As they’re bringing two companies together, they will have a tremendous need to distribute information out to a workforce that’s doubling in size.

Watch the full story now to learn how Westar Energy used SocialChorus to power employee engagement.

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