Webinar Recording: Mobilizing the Retail Comeback

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Get Interactive Guidance From Retail Experts

Get Interactive Guidance from Retail Experts

In this webinar, Kelsey Graziano from PVH and Nolan Carleton from AT&T will take your questions on communicating new safety protocols, re-onboarding furloughed workers and supporting the return of employees working from home.

Watch the webinar recording to hear these retail leaders share their advice on how to:

  • Get the right personalized information to each employee to help them stay safe and productive after their return
  • Collaborate with IT, HR, and Business Operations to expand the reach of your message
  • Keep your company flexible in an environment of continuous change
  • Build on your increased engagement with frontline and essential workers
  • Maintain the trust and transparency you’ve developed with your workforce

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Nolan Carleton
Associate Director, Communications: Social Engagement, AT&T


Kelsey Graziano
Senior Director of Communications, PVH


Nicole Alvino
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SocialChorus

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