Webinar Recording: From Hard to Reach to Instantly Engaged; Quick-Launch Digital Solutions that Enhance the Employee Experience

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Instantly Enhance The Employee Experience

The global pandemic has highlighted how critical digital tools, technologies and communication is on the employee experience. And difficult to reach employees have become a key communication priority.

In this webinar SocialChorus, the leading workforce communications platform, and employee experience pioneers Gagen MacDonald, discuss how the right digital tools and accompanying communications can fuel engagement, drive culture and enhance reputation with your entire employee population. You will learn how you can:

  • Rapidly stand up a digital platform to reach ALL employees, including remote, field and manufacturing
  • Get employees more of the information they want and need
  • Create the business case to get the budget you need and C-Suite support and alignment
  • Effectively launch, drive adoption and change employee behavior
  • Shape a more durable culture for the duration of the global pandemic and beyond

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Nicole Alvino
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SocialChorus


Molly Rauzi
Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director, Gagen MacDonald


Alexis Bogdan
Design Director, Gagen MacDonald

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