Webinar Recording: Prospering in the Digital Workplace; Insights from Behavioural and Neurological Science

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Covid-19 has not only been the accidental accelerant for digital transformation this year but also the catalyst for removing barriers and driving greater trust across organisationsFinsbury and SocialChorus have teamed up to host this webinar to explore the longhaul impact as people transition into this next phase of the virus and return to work, albeit in a different way. 

Join Louisa Moreton, Partner and Head of Finsbury’s Employee and Change Communications practice, as she discusses these challenges with leading experts from the disciplines of Behavioural and Neuroscience, who span the world of academia and business.  

  • Owain Service, Consultant, Finsbury and former Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, and honorary Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick University  
  • Lucas Miller, Productivity & Cognitive Performance Researcher, UC Berkeley & Stoa Partners

Owain and Lucas will briefly assess the impact of the crisis phase on senior business leaders and discuss how they need to adapt to a world where remote working is the norm. What management strategies transfer well to remote working, and which ones don’t? 

In this discussion we ask:  

  • How does working remotely or being partially remote impact employee engagement, retention, and burnout?  
  • How do we measure and maintain productivity in a post-COVID world? 
  • What are the fatal mistakes people make when newly transitioning to working remotely? 
  • And why video conferencing is more draining than face to face interactions. Is Zoom fatigue a reality and what can you do to address these negative experiences and others. 

This discussion aims to help senior business leaders sustain the agility they created over the last few months, in terms of communications and reaching all employees, without completely burning themselves out. Participants will be given straightforward ideas that they can take away and implement immediately in their organisations. 

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Louisa Moreton
Partner and Head of Finsbury’s Employee and Change Communications Practice


Owain Service
Finsbury Consultant & Co-Founder of the Behavioural Insights Team


Lucas Miller
Productivity and Cognitive Performance Researcher, University of California, Berkeley & Stoa Partners

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