Webinar Recording: 5 Keys for Creating a Modern Employee Experience

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Let’s be real, most companies are having a hard time meeting employee expectations when communicating at work. As technology evolves, our approach to internal communications also needs to change.

Our role as leaders and communicators is to partner with our internal stakeholders to ensure that we are constantly facilitating an ongoing conversation about how to grow, innovate and modernize our business. Of course, all while staying grounded in the realities of how things get done inside global companies.

This webinar recording will illustrate a new vision for the modern employee experience and identify the key factors that power more effective internal communications that lead to deeper levels of employee engagement.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • The distinction between employee communications, experience and engagement
  • A holistic employee experience framework
  • How technology can enable the employee experience
  • Specific things you can do now to improve internal communications in your company

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