Webinar Recording: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Data Transformation Webinar 

Watch this webinar with Brian McDowell, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at SocialChorus and our guest speaker, ex Google director, Thomas Davies, Founder and CEO at Temporall, for a discussion around what we’ve learned from digital transformation and what data transformation actually is, what it’s not and how these insights can actually deliver actionable intelligence across the business.

You’ll learn:

  •         How digital transformation connects to data transformation
  •         Implications seen in the workforce
  •         What organizational insight will be provided 
  •         Learn the importance of having actions, not words

Find out how to get to grips with your organizational data and make meaningful decisions about your business. Enter your info on the right.



Thomas Davies

Founder & CEO at Temporall 




Brian McDowell

Senior Vice President, Global Sales at SocialChorus

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