Webinar Recording: Seizing Moments of Microboredom: Driving Employee Engagement 2 Minutes At a Time with Newell Brands

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It happens to all of us. In line at the grocery store, in between meetings or on the commute home. Moments of microboredom where we check our phones. It’s the job of the communicator to take advantage of those small moments during an employee’s day and fill them with engaging content. It has to be relevant, timely and above all compete with consumer apps that are already on your employees’ phones.

In this webinar recording Jason Anthoine, VP of Corporate Communications at Newell Brands, shares how you can use those small moments of microboredom to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Watch the recording to learn:
  • How Newell Brands connects employees from HQ to the frontlines with the mission, vision, values and purpose of the company
  • The importance of allowing employees to tell their stories via innovative technology
  • How to produce compelling content that matters to employees across a global workforce




Vice President, Communications – Newell Brands





Chief Strategy Officer – SocialChorus

Watch the Recording!

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