Webinar Recording: Six things COVID-19 has taught us about IC crisis communications

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How can we ensure the platforms we’re rolling out now are set-up to support our evolving businesses in the long term?

As businesses around the world rapidly adapt to the largest global crisis since World War II, never has the use and implementation of technology been pushed to the fore so quickly. The internal communicator’s role has been front and centre of this shift. Issues and challenges which were largely unplanned for have had to be devised, developed and implemented at a speed few have ever experienced.

As a function, which is widely recognized as being under invested, internal communications professionals, alongside their counterparts in IT, have had to lead the way in not only maintaining communications, but also keeping the well-oiled cogs of business life moving. By combining forces they’ve been able to find quick, stable and secure solutions, enabling their teams to continue delivering great work while supporting the wider company effort to focus on the new ‘normal’ of their business operations.

But what can we learn from all of this?

Watch this webinar recording, presented by SimplyIC, to explore these questions and hear how these businesses have rapidly adapted to meet this change.

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Chuck Gose

Senior Strategic Advisor at SocialChorus




Giulia Cherbavaz

Media Manager at ConvatTec




Bridget Therriault

System Director of Corporate Affairs at Main Line Health




Stephanie Sobala

Internal Communications Manager at Main Line Health

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