Webinar Recording: State of the Art Communication – Does your Internal Communication Measure Up?

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Information overload. Employee turnover. A workforce of “digital natives.” Changing ways of working. Distributed employee populations.

These and other workplace challenges are overhauling the way organizations must reach their employees to engage and retain their top talent and sustain success.

Research shows that communication is one of the most game-changing levers in driving employee engagement, a holy grail for any company. Yet there is a troublesome, persistent gap between what employees expect from their internal communication and the ability of organizations to deliver. The risks of not delivering grow with every missed opportunity.

Watch the replay of this webinar to hear reports on current and future trends in internal communication and share insights from recent ROI and SocialChorus studies that you can apply immediately to your own internal communication plan.

Our presenters will discuss and examine:

  • The current business landscape
  • Communication challenges
  • Best practices from enterprise organizations
  • Reporting on trends in internal communication

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